Q: Can I apply by sending a pdf via email?

A: All apllications have to be done via the application portal.


Q: Do I have to use any templates?

A: Yes, please, always use the provided templates and read the rules and regulations carefully.


Q: I have been in contact with my host and my co-host and they would like to support my project. How should I proceed regarding the institutional endorsement?

A: The institutional endorsement will be run after the application deadline based on the contact details you gave in your application form on the application portal.  We will contact the host and co-host professors after the deadline and the eligibility check to get their formal endorsement. Endorsements will be requested during the weeks 10 or 11.


Q: How should the evaluation criteria ”Quality and relevance of proposed research plan” be interpreted?

A: Relevance of the proposed research plan refers to 1) how well the proposed research fits within the focus area as well as 2) how the proposed research will advance the scientific field and state-of-the-art and why now – why here – why you.


Q: Is it possible to include a third partner in the project proposal?

A: Yes, it is possible to incorporate a third partner for brief research stays. These partners can be from academia  or industry. Please note, at least two (2) EuroTech universities have to be part of the research project.


Q: Should the PhD/doctorate I hold be from one of the EuroTech universities?

A: The PhD/doctorate can be from any institution that is entitled to award it.


Q: when will the two EuroTechPostdoc Workshops be hold?

A: For the first call the workshops will be hold in March 2019 and March 2020.


Q: I will have my PhD defended after the application deadline, but before starting the PostDoc position.

A: Please provide some official proof and use the option: ‘I will have defended my PhD before the recruitment date (1st of August 2018)’ on the application portal.