Finding a host and co-host

During the online application process, applicants will assign their research proposal to a research area as described on the website and provide the contact details of intended host and co-host. The hosts are freely chosen by the applicant, though however validated during the submission process to ensure their capacity to host the applicant’s project. For more information about research topics within the different research areas see the university landing pages:

For DTU see

For EPFL see

For TUM see

For TU/e see

To promote interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration, applicants are offered to collaborate with the non-academic sector (e.g. research institutes, industry) and other universities all over the world in addition to the mandatory collaboration within the EuroTech Universities Alliance. To ensure adequate incorporation of inter-sectoral aspects, applicants who already initiated contacts with industry should specify the purpose and expected outcome of the collaboration in terms of transfer of knowledge, training and career perspectives, the collaboration partner (including letter of intent), the timing and duration of research stays, secondments and other collaboration measures.

Please, note that if you are already working or studying at one of the 4 EuroTech Universities, be aware that the MSCA mobility rule applies for the fellowships and that you will only be eligible to apply for a fellowship at your current university if you have lived or worked less than 12 months out of the last 3 years in the country of the university. However, you can select a host at one of the other Eurotech Universities and collaborate with your current university as a co-host.


Moving to a new country

The EuroTech universities all have a flourishing community of staff and students of many different nationalities, and are open, inclusive and caring. They are well experienced in contracting and hosting international staff and offer support on relocating.

More information can be found on the following webpages