For Hosts and Co-host

Obligations as host and co-host

Hosts shall come from the relevant disciplines to support the fellows in all aspects of their interdisciplinary project. EuroTechPostdoc fellows will have a personal supervisor at their host university and a personal supervisor at the co-host university. The supervision will take place both at formalized meetings and during day-to-day research collaboration and collegial interactions. During the application process, both host and co-host will have to endorse the application.


As a supervisor of the fellow you should be a senior researcher employed at the host university, and you will take on the primary responsibility of the fellow’s stay and integration into the local environment. You will be responsible for providing guidance on scientific matters in their discipline, including challenging the fellow’s academic work to inspire excellence in the research achievements, and counselling on career perspectives.


As co-host you will take on part of the supervision of the fellow, and will be a senior re- searcher employed at the co-host university. You should advise the fellow on scientific matters in his discipline and take on the responsibility of the fellow’s research stays and integration at the co-host university.

Career Development Plan

A career development plan will be put into place and constantly updated according to the fellows’ progress. Both, host and co-host  are to hold regular meetings with the fellow (at least quarterly) in person or via teleconferencing and comment on their Personal Career Development Plan. They will provide relevant network contacts for additional collaborations, whenever relevant.


Financial Obligations

The host or co-host covers all research costs incl. use of infrastructure and materials as well as all invoked training costs. The host or co-host covers all project related travel costs, e.g. to conferences, research stays or field trips. This includes the compulsory EuroTechPostdoc workshops.  Private travel expenses are to be held by the fellow, including moving from home country to host country.

Research costs

The host or co-host department covers all research costs incl. use of infrastructure and materials.

Private travel expenses, including moving from home country to host country, are to be held by the fellow.



Hosts and co-host will complete all reportings that have to provided to the project management office and the EC in a timely manner.


The host-statement

The applicant will have to be endorsed by the host professor. The first step is an online process which is triggered right after the application deadline.

Additionally TU/e and DTU have an internal process in place which will be done offline and is organised by the local project management office.


Arranging a collaboration

The fellows will be able to develop their own research ideas within the framework of five interdisciplinary focus areas. The fellows are encouraged to approach the hosts and co-hosts and to use already existing collaboration with industry to add the inter-sectoral dimension. Any collaboration must be transparent and has to be mentioned in the research plan.

Please also see the page collaborative projects. 


If you have any questions on this section, please approach the local project management office.