EuroTechPostdoc workshop, Munich
2 – 4 March 2020
Technische Universität München

The Three-day workshop was intended to provide seminars and training to the Eurotech fellows in three crucial areas which can be considered by postdoctoral researchers when planning their further career steps. The topics were addressed over the three day-workshop:

Day 1, Monday 02.03.2020, From Research to Patent

Experts including the Director of the European Patent Office were invited to give seminars to introduce the fellows elaborately to the patenting world. The seminars provided basic facts and figures and introduced the fellows to the procedures of filing patents, law, rights and claims associated with the process. The workshop was complemented by an exercise session and a seminar on a case study for a patented invention.

Day 2, Tuesday 03.03.2020, Entrepreneurship workshop

The workshop aimed at providing training to help the fellows developing their ideas to found their own start-ups and to help them to be firmly anchored within the international start-up scene. Within the interactive sessions and exercises, the trainers helped potential founders formulating and introducing their ideas and designing their business models.

Day 3, Wednesday 04.03.2020, Funding options and support activities

Experts from the Office of Research and Innovation at TUM have provided seminars on the possible opportunities and funding options for postdoctoral researchers. The first seminar was dedicated to the grants of European Research Council (ERC), i.e. funding instruments, tips for proposal writing, submission and evaluation process. The second seminar informed the fellows on the national research funding Organizations in Germany, options for postdocs, and possible support activities at TUM. Finally, the fellows were given the chance to present their topics and research results and to get feedback from the group in an open scientific discussion.