Plan your bottom-up project within one of the focus areas

The focus areas

The EuroTechPostdoc Programme has five research focus areas. The areas are not an attempt to limit the applicants’ creativity or to limit the pool of applicants. The focus areas are broad and covers all research conducted at the four universities.

The purpose of the focus areas is to logically order applications in groups for evaluation and to pull on some of the collaborative strengths of the EuroTech University Alliance.

Health & Bio-Engineering
Data Science & Engineering
High Performance Computing
Smart & Urban Mobility
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The focus areas cover research within all fields of research present at the 4 technical universities, DTU, EPFL, TU/e and TUM. This includes Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Environmental and Geosciences, Information Science and Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences and Humanities. Each area is a fast developing societally relevant research and innovation field, with high importance to Europe’s industrial leadership, offering the fellows attractive and appropriate research and training options to diversify their future careers. These areas also address great societal challenges that require a multi and interdisciplinary approach to be tackled.