The Focus Areas

Data Science & Engineering

This area focuses on digital revolution of big data and the internet-of-things, which comprises the availability of multimodal data through ubiquitous sensors and applications as well as physical units that can sense, think, and act. This area’s mission is to develop advances in data based core techniques, technologies and infrastructure to address current and upcoming societal challenges

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Open and collaborative innovation arrangements have become pivotal in successfully developing new products, services and systems. This area aims to generate cutting-edge knowledge on key practices, and providing them to fellows from other research areas for transferring research results into innovations.

Health & Bioengineering

This area focuses on patient care as well as public and environmental health (including food, agriculture, forestry, marine and water research). This area’s mission is to develop innovative technological solutions to prevent, diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical conditions affecting humans, spanning research and development, services, technology transfer and education.

High Performance Computing

While the success of High Performance Computing (HPC) in driving research across the sciences and engineering is undisputed by now, the application, technology development and innovation remains a challenge. The EuroTech Universities Alliance leads efforts to overcome this challenge and enable HPC into research, education, and industrial computing. In each EuroTech University a large number of research teams have significant HPC expertise, involving groups from applied mathematics, informatics, science and engineering, either locally or in world-wide network.

Currently, the main focus of collaboration is ‘Enabling computational techniques for multiscale engineering problems’, including the following research fields:

  • immersed methods
  • multi-physics
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • data-driven and imaging-based simulation
  • topology optimization
  • biomechanical applications

Smart & Urban Mobility

This area aims to address today’s urban mobility challenges, including automotive technologies, green transport, intelligent transport systems, logistics and planning systems. This area’s mission is to catalyse comprehensive integrated approaches by taking user needs, urban space requirements, implications of technological innovations as well as the sound design and imple-mentation of policies into account.